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5 Men's Must Have Garments To Level Up Your Fashion This Summer!

In a world of fashion where styles shift now and then every second, it's important you cope up with the changing trends! A well dressed Man never goes out of trend. Of course, not every guy has the essential clothing pieces in his closet. So to level up your fashion this summer, we present to you these 5 garments that represent the perfect polished and masculine wardrobe. Simply start with these basics and you will easily add new colors, patterns, and styles into the collections as trends and seasons changes. Starting with: 1. Tailored Suit in Black or Gray Be it work or weddings, funerals or a formal date, a classic, tailored black or gray suit is something every guy must have. These...

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How Nehru Jacket Became Popular?

Popularity of Nehru as a politician and Nehru jacket are directly proportional to each other. This jacket gained extreme popularization in the 1950s and 60s. Now again things have surged as in last 10 years and demand of Nehru or Modi jackets has gone up. Nehru studied law and science in England and later moved to Indian in 1912. Struggle for India’s independence gave Nehru global identity. Nehru is also considered as a leader who was strong opponent of communism in India. Nehru visited USA three times in years of 1949, 1956 and 1961. In years thereafter, Nehru got extreme popular all over the world and along with that jacket too gained immense popularity. India has gone through massive change...

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