Five ways to style a Nehru jacket

An outfit that enhances your inner spirit is always the right choice. The fashion world is open to new trends and an amalgamation of the classic and modern is always appreciated. However, fashion is not just about women anymore. The men of today have taken over the rising bar of fashion and have decided to always stay on top of the style game. Let’s talk about the very latest and popular fashion evolution in men’s collection that came along with the concept of Nehru jacket for men. The new trend, Nehru jackets are minimalistic and always makes a statement. Easy to manage and a delight to pull off, let's check out 5 ways to style the Nehru Kurta for men.


1- Classic Shirt Pair Up

The beauty of the Nehru jacket is that you can don it on any occasion. You don’t particularly need to wait for an occasion that lets you go completely traditional. Go ahead and pair up your sleeveless Nehru jacket with a classic pair of shirt and a denim jean. This attire will give a beautiful spin to your traditional look and is definitely something out and away from the usual men's fashion. Roll up the sleeve and be ready to make a style statement.

Brown Nehru Jacket by Wintage 

2- Cool with Kurta – Pyjama

Nehru Jacket for men is a fashion savior and we all agree to it. When you are bored with the typical long men kurta look, you have an easy yet stunning option to pair it up with a contrasting hued Nehru jacket, and there you go, all set to steal the show. Walking out in a long kurta will be much more fun when you have access to a style that is trending and how. Make sure that the length of the kurta is long enough for the jacket to look smart on it and the pajamas are of a tight fit.

3- Finer Formals

A formal look is certainly a handsome pick to ace the men fashion but how about we tell you that there is a better way to rock the formal look? All you have to do is pick a sleeveless Nehru jacket that compliments the color of your formals and you are ready to go. The accompany of Nehru jacket will elevate yourformalsand you will make all heads turn without having to go out of your way.





4- Stun the Sherwani

Here is a chance to change the appeal of your simple sherwani look and turn it into something that will be looked at as a fashion inspiration. Pick up your sherwani and pair it up with a Nehru Jacket with buttons in front. The Nehru jacket will let you add an unimaginable essence to your Sherwani. However, do make sure that the color of your sherwani and the Nehru Jacket are complimenting each other. This fiery fashion will make you the talk of the town. You can also pair the Nehru jacket with men kurta.




5- Trouser topped by a Nehru Jacket

The comfort of a trouser pant can now be the new fashion phenomenon when you wear it along with the Nehru jacket. The highly acknowledged range of Nehru jackets will do complete justice to your slim fitted yet lightly loose trouser pants. This fashion combination is the dream of all men. Put on the best colors that suit you and that is it, you are already a trendsetter. The wide collection of Nehru jacket will give you a lot of options to pick with your trousers. Enjoy the comfort and keep it classy.






These 5 best ways to don your Nehru Jacket will let you experiment with a lot of fashion. The Nehru jackets are dominating several traditional looks with its modern touch. A plethora of designs and patterns in Nehru jacket men are taking the eyes beyond the usual long men kurta and are making way for the amazing Nehru jacket styled collection that is extremely exquisite in its own self. This is certainly a dapper look on the steal.


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