10 Nehru Jacket Styles: Formal Look for Men

"Clothes make the man", was rightly said by Mark Twain. A well-dressed man is bound to leave a lasting impression. In today's world of style and fashion trends, it is important to stay in vogue. An element quite popular in the fashion town is Jackets. Especially Nehru jackets are having a major comeback since Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India is donning the attire with poise. A Nehru Jacket not only makes you look smart, but the ethnic vibe makes you look a lot more put together, and one of the essentials of traditional dresses for men.

History of Nehru Jackets

As the name suggests, it is coined after the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. These jackets, however, do not look exactly like the ones worn by the Prime Minister, which was more of a westernized Achkan. During the pre-independence era, these coats held the symbol of societal eminence and prestige. In the 1960s and '70s, they became famous in the USA and Europe, as a more shortened version of the original style. Pandit Nehru never actually wore the "Nehru Jacket", a version of the jacket was marketed in the West by this name. The jacket comes with a mandarin collar with buttons and bears a close resemblance to Bandhgala, Sherwani, or the Achkans originally worn by Nehru. A newer and more modernized version of this coat is now famous as the Modi coat. There are slight differences in its features, like the Modi jacket is sleeveless, and the collar is more of a stand-up collar. The Nehru jacket is slightly longer with a turtleneck collar. The Modi Jacket also stands out for its unique colors, while the Nehru coats are a more neutral base. 

These Jackets have stood the test of time and are in vogue even today. Earlier found only in cotton and khadi variants, today these jackets are found in a variety of fabrics, designs, styles, and colors. You can find yourself a neutral beige or a fun turquoise blue. You can go for a smart solid one or a bold and eye-catching multicolored jacket. Single-breasted or double-breasted, sleeveless or full-sleeved, you can choose from an array of beautiful designs. This makes them a must-have in every classy man's wardrobe. Here are a few picks that are going to amp up your wardrobe as well as your fashion quotient this Summer.


  1. Cotton Khadi Jacket

If you are all about comfort this summer, then cotton khadi jackets are for you. You can pair it with kurta pajamas and rock the look in any formal or informal event. It can be a very good outfit for day events. This one never goes wrong for a sharp traditional look for men.

       2. Floral Jackets


 You need one piece in your wardrobe for the quirky and experimental side of you. This one is perfect for the purpose. Pair it with a short kurta and jeans, and you are ready to turn heads in any event. 

       3. Velvet Jacket


 A velvet coat is a very classy piece indeed. Perfect for evening events, family gatherings and festivities, it will look exemplary with ethnic as well as western-styled. This is a good option for menswear for marriage parties or receptions. So trousers or pajamas, go as you choose!

       4. Banarasi Rayon Jackets.



Weddings during summers can be hectic and it might be difficult to feel comfortable in your silk sherwani. Wedding dresses for Indian men can be harsh sometimes, but you have Benarasi rayon kurtas to the rescue!  They won't stop you from looking gorgeous, the material is more breathable and you do not have to compromise with comfort. 

       5. Rayon Solid Jackets

A good solid coat is absolutely a wardrobe essential. These are some of the classic pieces that every trendy man's collection should have. Neutral colors are always a smart pick, as they can be paired with anything without making your outfit look gaudy. A sober beige or an elegant grey is enough to save the day.

       6. Rayon Embossed Jacket


 Embossed shirts and blazers are doing a major comeback, so why not jackets? Go for these for the suave, dapper effect you had been looking for. Best paired with kurta pajamas, this will give an ethnic edge to its refined style. It will be a brilliant pick for your partywear collection. You can rock it at the festivals and parties you were looking forward to.

       7. Multicolored Jacket

A Multicolored jacket is not for the basic and faint-hearted. If bold and confident is your thing, then such jackets will be brilliant assets for you. Be it a brunch or a party, you can stand out in the crowd. You can save it for your Ranveer Singh inspired outfit for the gram! 

        8. Linen Black Jacket

Linen is the fabric most friendly for summers. Although summers can be harsh for your passion for black clothes, you can make up for comfort with the material. The smooth texture, coolness, and freshness will keep you going through your summer family functions without a hair out of place. Team it up with your favorite kurta and denim for the gentleman look.

       9. Vibrant Summer Colors


Summer is the time to experiment with your clothes and add some vibrant colors to your shelf. Be it a sunny yellow, cool blue, pleasant green or serene lilac. You can get your hands on these and wear your mood, or get one color that you like. A neutral piece is great, but you must let yourself have some fun too!

       10. A Tweed Piece for the Winters

It is never too bad to save a few pieces for the winters, is it? All the sales and clearances going on around this time, you can always invest in a good quality winter coat and stack up for the colder months!


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