Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Winters just knocked at our doors and we couldn't be more excited for all the warmth of happiness that it brings. The holiday season along with gifts and glitters also brings a time of the year where we can pour out the inner fashion icons which have been lying within us all year long, that’s why we are here today to help you guys set up a perfect winter wardrobe filled with all the essentials that you may need this season. In this article, we will present you our top five wardrobe essentials that will help you create that Pinterest-ready outfit, so without any further ado let’s get started!


The very sophisticated blazers

  Well! One can never go wrong with a good warm blazer. Blazers are those elements of our wardrobe that can make you win the cup. Whether it is an important business meeting or the wedding of your favorite cousin, we can assure you that they are enough to help you catch the attention of everyone in the room. To get that perfect outfit, you can match your most loved linen or wool blazer to your best-fitted trousers and shirts (white or black for the best results ;) 

A voguish bandhgala


Winter means weddings and ceremonies, and what can be a better way to look the best in those festive wear than to carry a classic bandhgala. No one can deny the fact that when it comes to ethnic wear for men, bandhgalas end up taking all the points from all the aunties of the weddings and that’s why we would like to give this second position to none other than these beauties. Pair your favorite bandhgala either with trousers or kurta-pajama to get the best out of your outfit.

Nothing better than our classic Nehru jackets

 From Nehru to Narendra Modi, Nehru jackets are setting a trend for generations to come. These jackets have been constantly raising the bars of fashion by providing men an ultimate solution to make all their outfits stand out. Men’s Nehru jackets are now a must-have that is nowadays found in every closet, so if you want to upgrade your fashion game then buckle up and find yourself a perfect Nehru jacket from our collection, click here to get an insight! 

Nail those pairs of trousers

 Trousers have now become a phenomenon in the world of men’s wear. We bet that you don’t know any man who doesn’t own a good pair of linen trousers. Trousers are one such thing that enhances the whole look of a well-styled outfit. That's why, this season we would suggest you wear your most loved cotton trousers during the initial phase of winter and when more chills take over, you can always go to a premium pair of linen trousers.

Velvet, velvet, and velvet

  Did you know that in earlier times, velvet was considered a symbol of prestige and nobility? These velvet clothes have come a long way. Velvet, being one of the most loved fabrics, serves as an essential material to make the best quality blazers, ethnic jackets, and even bandhgalas. To make that perfect winter-ready wedding outfit, you can wear a velvet ethnic jacket or bandhgala with your kurta sets and for all the workaholics within you, we would suggest a velvet blazer with a plain shirt and a trouser.


Visit our website, Wintage garments, and get yourself the above-suggested winter essentials for men to enjoy this winter warmth at its most. we curated them to help you get the most out of this chilled season so if you liked them then do check out our other blogs on Top five ways to style a nehru jackets and Men's clothing ideas for festive wear.

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