There is no denying to the fact that linen fabrics have taken over the world. Linen is one such fabric that did not just keep its popularity for one generation, but it is that one unique knitted material that is liked by all uncles and aunts in every culture and nation. Well! Did you know that linen is one of the oldest fabrics to get acknowledged by the world? Linen is a thousands-year-old cloth that has its name mentioned even in the pages of the Bible.

Linen clothes for men

The roots of linen go back to southeastern Europe, where the origin of linen i.e. Dyed flax fibers were found deep in the caves. The Europeans adore linen so much that now at the present time, they are the biggest producers of linen in the world, contributing to the sale of almost 85% of the world’s overall linen production. The history of linen not just lies in Europe, but also in ancient American colonies. Some of the oldest civilizations of the planet, including the ones found in Egypt and other well-known places trace to almost 30,000 years back showing the use of woven linens. 


Ancient cultures are very well popular for being sustainable and for being ecologically important and hence one can call linen a sustainable fabric as well. The fabric produces almost zero waste. Being 100% biodegradable, linen unlike other fabrics precisely grows to require less water than the raw materials of other fabrics and therefore stands tall for being a good option for all those sustainable consumers who want to do something fashionable yet nature friendly.


Linen was used as a sign to exhibit wealth and status in earlier times. Linen was hard to weave and involved processes which used to take months, concluding to the price of it being affordable to only those societies who had a standard among their peers. People used to wear clothes made of linen and also, they used to add linen to the decorations of their homes, mostly in the form of high-quality bedsheets, extravagant dining cloths, and even brightly fashioned decor pieces. 


The fabric was considered so precious and luxurious that even the buried mummies of ancient Egypt had linen wrapped around their dead bodies for the afterlife.

Clothes for men

In modern times, linen is shown as a trademark of classic and sophisticated fashion. You will be surprised to know that this very popular fabric is more popular among men than women which is an absolute rare reality. The current linen trends could be seen in the outfits that you’ll find in the public around you. Nowadays every name, whether it is an expensive clothing store or an affordable linen clothing brand , Linen can be easily found. The vogue of linen comes to men's clothing stores in the form of shirts, pants, jackets, blazers, and even in full-length suits of 2 and 3 piece sets

The cultural resets that linen brought mainly focused on 100% linen shirts which can be easily teamed up with literally anything. A good linen shirt whether it is in a dark or light shade can make any festive wear or Western wear look more classic and effortless.

Clothing brands for men

This material can be used to create much more outfits than one might assume. Following are some of the best ideas that you can use to make the best out of your linen clothes.


1. Pair those shorts with a classic linen shirt 

The outfit will undoubtedly work as an amazing vacation look. With a tinge of casualness and a whole lot of high-end quality, we assure you that a good linen shirt or even a cotton linen shirt can make you look straight out of Met Gala.


2. A go-to wedding look 

Somewhere in our hearts, we all want to look better than everyone in every wedding that we go to and so to make a far greater appearance than anyone else, one can opt to go all linen with an amazing solid colored shirt with a color-coordinated set of blazer and trousers. This linen shirt + 2 piece suit look can make you the star of the show.


3.Say yes to this Indian outfit

You have a traditional Indian wedding to attend but you are still not sure about what to wear? Don't worry because we have you covered. The uses of linen are not just limited to suits and blazers but also our very Indian jackets and Kurtas. Find yourself a look from Wintage garments and choose to go for a long or a short kurta pyjama look with an amazing Linen Nehru jacket

To sum up everything, we can’t thank our ancestors enough for bringing our lives to this beautiful item of tradition and luxuriousness in the world. Linen was a part of some of the best assets that the fashion world ever gained since it is fabric friendly to the environment and something that every generation loves.  At last, all we can say is GO FOR LINEN!

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