Wintage Style Inspirations for Grooms and Groomsmen

Wedding Day is the most memorable in the lives of the Bride and the Groom alike. It is a grand celebration for their near and dear ones as well. Everyone does their best to dress up and glam up to steal the spotlights. Until recently, only the Bride would be the center of attention, her outfits, and her bridesmaids. But the Groom and his squad have stepped up their fashion game and how! Every wedding season, we can see the grooms and his boys getting into more classy and fashionable looks, challenging the bride and her girls to a smart competition. Not only trendy avatars but they are also paying great attention to details like fabrics, color, and accessories. You can keep a neutral tone to your outfit and amp it up with quirky shoes. Or you can deck up in bold traditional and add a minimal earring to the outfit. All of these elements collectively define your wedding style, and you don't want that to go wrong! 

          There is an array of styles and outfits for weddings and anyone would be spoilt for choice. To choose the perfect outfit for the perfect day, you need to keep in mind certain things, like the location, the mood and not to forget your personality. You can look at different lookbooks or mood boards to get a clear and positive picture of the wedding outfits. Wintage has a remarkable line up for the wedding wear for men, other traditional outfits for men, latest kurta pajama styles, and much more. 


1. Pleasant Pastels

Pastels have been a hype for Indian weddings for quite some time now, and they are here to stay. Popular wedding planners and distinguished designers like Manish Malhotra are adding more laurels to this sober and pleasing spirit. The mellow and soothing colors are to dig for, and perfect for a summer's day wedding.

         You can choose from a beautiful palette of light purples, pinks, blues, and greens. Such a palette as the wedding theme will not only soothe your eyes but also your album of memories. You can choose a light pink or purple bandhgala, or a light yellow Nehru jacket. Such an outfit is also great to choose as guests or men's dresses for a wedding.




2. The Dark Arts of Charm

Evening events or Receptions call for a different environment altogether, with bright lights, feet tapping music, and exquisite dishes to gorge on. Such a setting demands a glam look, that will make you stand out amidst the lights, and the atmosphere bustling with life and laughter. 

            Such an ambiance calls for all the alluring dark and colors, the maroons and the dark blue, and the bottle greens. These colors will turn heads and you can capture the spotlights successfully. These are one of the most versatile colors for Indian traditional dresses for men and wedding dresses for men.




3. Less is More

 Weddings are not only about the Big Day or the Big Night but also the small yet consequential events that demand your wardrobes to be stacked. The Haldi and the Sangeet need not be ignored, and you don't want to look a little too extra for these events. Minimalist outfits are best suited for wedding guests and the friends of the groom as you better save your best for the D-day. 

             Minimalist outfits don't need loud colors and whacky designs. A beige kurta with pajamas and a black Nehru jacket is a great choice. A silver waistcoat or a grey bandhgala can the perfect sober pick.





4. Teasing Textures

 Men's wedding outfits are not only about the colors and the styles but also about the delightful fabrics you can choose from. Rayon and Cotton are popular favorites. However, two more exquisite fabrics are much in trend right now: Velvet and Silk. These fabrics are luxurious and ornate and have been a classic pick for grooms for generations.

             Velvets create the best looks in dark colors like black and bottle green, both of them being very versatile outfits as menswear for the marriage party. They suit the Groom and groomsmen or guests alike. Silk is one such fabric that can blend in with every mood of Indian wedding parties. The colors can be picked according to the events or moods, like a dark red suit the reception night, and a light yellow bandhgala for Haldi.



5. Full of Surprises: Exceptional Colours

 Offbeat colors and designs are a huge thing to dig for at weddings nowadays. Your clothes do reflect your personality and their colors portray your moods, You can wear a bright yellow or orange for Joy, keeping the stereotyped red aside, and lilac and lavender can be your pals for a smooth and polished look. 

        What counts here is your confidence and the way you carry your clothes that will make heads turn. These colors can be your pal for an amazing evening, a wedding dress for men or outfits for reception dresses for men. 




Weddings are a very important affair in every person's life. In the Indian context, it is a gala event as well. Therefore dressing well is necessary! We hope our suggestions could help you sort that part. Have a blast!

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