How Nehru Jacket or Modi Jacket is Different from Suit Coat?

With time, cuts for jackets and coats have not changed much though various new names have surged to provoke marketing strategies. Nowadays sport coats have completely changed and this is reason why Norfolk jacket has surged among people. Here we will discuss mainly about Nehru jacket which is extremely popular in India and numerous western countries. Nehru jacket resembles with Mao jacket but there are many differences between them.

This jacket draws itself from name of Mr. Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru who was a freedom fighter and later became prime minister of India. Mandarin collar makes this jacket different from other similar ones. Short collar of maximum 3-4 cm which is not turned down or having no lapel is the main identity of this jacket. This jacket can be considered as collective symbol of India, China and Britain because it has some essence from all mentioned countries. In early 40s, Mandarin collar was mainly used for military attires.

How Nehru jacket is different from a suit jacket?

If you analyze closely then other than Mandarin collar there is no major differences between two mentioned jackets in question. Nehru jackets can have single or double vent with its collar supported by hook. In beginning days, this jacket was mainly used with matching trousers but nowadays things have changed and a casual version has been also in trend. With Nehru coat or Modi Jacket, collarless shirt should be worn because shirt’s collar wouldn’t be visible after wearing jacket.

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