Modi Nehru Jackets Online Shopping

If we check what Pandit Nehru was really wearing then it will be like this, cotton or silk shirt with side slits, side pockets, long sleeves, stand-up collar and a front buttoned placket that reaches down. Nehru’s kurta was long till knee length with a churidar-pyjama. Nowadays designers have shown their creativity and numerous new versions have also come in market. Wintage has been always committed to bring in various types of attires.


Nehru’s long coat extends below the knee with buttons from neck to knee. It was always having a front opening. Stand up collar, long sleeves and straight hem are main features of this type of coat. Nehru used jackets mainly made of Khadi while nowadays other fabrics are used. Gold brocades that is popularly known as Kinkhab is also popular formal and royal attire in Indian subcontinent. If you see current attire of Indian Prime Minister PM Modi then it is along kurta with churidar Pyjama along with Nheru Jacket.


When we consider western style of jackets then those are little shorter than Indian Jawahar jacket. You can see little better designs in western collection because Indian version of Modi jacket is plain and mainly varies in terms of colors. Wintage is a prominent name for people who are looking for Nehru jackets and coats. We have huge collection so check in website now for better designs and affordable range.