Know More About Nehru or Jawahar Jackets


Nehru jacket is an upper body garment worn mainly in Indian subcontinent along with USA and UK. This jacket has been extremely popular in 1960-70s and now it has again made a comeback. We have constantly seen surge in market for this type of jacket because people have come out of traditional wearing and there is space for new combinations in our daily wearing.


Nehru is the longest served prime minister of India from 1947 to 1964. Many people get confused between Jawahar jacket and general suit coat. If you are aware of various aspects of these coats then you can easily identify coat or jacket. Nehru Jacket has Mandarin collar with hooks till collar while other one has different collar overall appearance. Check collection of Wintage and you will definitely understand how it is different from others.


What are different versions of Nehru or Jawahar Jacket?

This jacket can be classified into 3 parts namely Kurta, Bundi and Achkan. Bundi or vest is very popular in west too especially during summers. Achkan is mainly used in winter seasons across northern Hindi belt of India.


How Nehru Jacket became Modi Jacket?

Nehru Jacket, this name had surged when he was alive in 1940s and 50s. Recently South Korean president was on Indian tour, he was gifted jacket. Later images of this jacket came in public and people started calling it Modi jacket.

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