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What is a Lapel on a Suit - Gentleman School


When checking out suits online, you must have come across the terms like Notched lapels or Peaked lapels. Understanding the difference between the two is important because it will help you build the perfect suit along with getting to know what occasions calls for which lapel style.

What is a Lapel?

Lapels are the folded flaps of cloth on a jacket or a coat, which are mostly found today on formal wear and suits etc. The front edges of the suit are folded and then sewed to the collar.

There are 3 types of lapels available: Notched, Peaked and Shawl.

Notched Lapel

The notched lapel, also known as step lapel or step collar is created by sewing the lapel to the collar at an angle. This creates a step effect. Notched lapel on suits is a venerable standard in men’s fashion industry.


So, if you are to make one suit for yourself, make sure it is notched lapel. If you are getting one stitched, you may be able to adjust the size of the lapel too. You can wear it anytime and in any occasion, be it an interview, a dinner or a meet-up at a bar!

Peaked Lapel

The peaked lapel is also called as peak lapel or a pointed lapel. This is the most formal setting seen in garments like morning coats and double-breasted suit. A peaked lapel in a suit is recognised with its lapel edges pointing up towards the shoulder.


These are best suited for formal events where you can make a bold statement and make heads turn. Throw in a good pocket square and you are all set to rule the day.

Shawl Lapel

The shawl lapel is the least commonly used. It has a continuous curve as opposed the above two and was first seen on smoking jackets. It is a less formal version of jackets which is often worn as an evening wear.


For getting yourself a suit, consider the Notched Lapel or the Peaked Lapel. Read below.

Notched: Business and Everyday Wear

Peaked: Formal and Bold


And remember, in the end it is all about what makes you feel confident and next time when you are out to build a suit, keep in mind what the lapel says about the occasion!

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