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Kurta – The Ultimate Ethnic Wear


Diwali is around the corner and keeping up with the festive mood, we decided to write about Kurta. People in metro cities may not be very fond of this Indian traditional wear but it is still worn in many households, keeping the cultural and traditional values alive.

It is one of the most versatile attire that a man could have in his wardrobe.

Be it any wedding or a family gathering, when it comes to ethnic wear it is the traditional kurta-pyjama which comes first in the mind. Not only is it comfortable but due to various designs and patterns available in the market, it compliments every type of occasion. So, men, when you have to look handsome and feel comfortable as well, Kurta is a no-brainer.

We’ll have a look at a few occasions where men can wear kurta and enhance their look.

1. Casual Outing


Going out with friends for a meet-up? Try freshening up your look and wear a simple, plain kurta along with loafers and pyjama. Not liking the pyjama? You can always wear denim jeans with it. Pair it with jutis to complete the look.

It is refreshing as well as far away from any showiness.

2. Special Occasions, Events


As festivities increase during this period of time, it is advisable to experiment with your look as well. Colourful kurtas are an amazing way of getting dressed up for such occasions. Not only they look traditional but you can up the game and wear accessories with it too.

Sometimes, a jacket does wonders.

3. Friend’s Engagement

So, it’s his D-day finally and you’d surely want to make the day more special for him, right? Try out traditional piece of kurta that has some work done on it. It could have design or patterns flowing down the fabric.

To complete the attire, try different pyjamas too, which complement the looks of kurta. You can throw in a dupatta and a brooch to give it a royal look and it will be stylish enough to make heads turn. 

4. Wedding


It is the ultimate occasion for the couple as well as their families. It is the time when everyone come together and have a good time with friends, relatives and new bonds of relationship are formed. This is often tiring and the events, rituals go on for an entire day.

Hence the aim is to look your best while being comfortable at the same time. You can get yourself a pair of Kurta-pyjama made which has intricate embroidery. One can always accessorize the look by adding dupatta, brooch etc as necessary. Try out different patterns, pair different things up and wear with confidence!

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